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Skills Clinics

One hour small group training at the Goalcrease Rink in Edina. 
Book clinics online or call 952-942-7001
CCM Hockey, CCM Goalie Equipment, Jeff Hall, Robb Stauer, Goalcrease, Hockey Coach
  • Small group training in 6o Minutes.*

  • Max of 3 goalies, with 1 Goalcrease Instructor

  • Core skills revolving around crease movement, save execution, and rebound control.

  • Sessions are typically offered once or twice each week. Go to the online schedule for exact times. 

Register for the appropriate skill/age level

  • BEGINNER = Mites and sometimes 1st year squirt or 10U

  • INTERMEDIATE = Squirt/10U and similar in ability

  • ADVANCED = PeeWee/12U and similar in ability

  • ELITE = Bantam and High School or similar


Although these clinics are not as personalized as our 1-on-1 sessions, they are not overly repetitive.  Our drills are always adapted and adjusted to keep things fresh, fun, and challenging, while still building a solid fundamental skill base. 

*Skill Clinicics are 60 minutes if 3 goalies are registered, 50-55 mins if 2 are registered, and 45 mins if only 1 goalie is registered.

Time slots are usually posted about 1 or 2 month in advance.

How Skills Clinics Work

          Maximum 3 Goalies: 1 Instructor

          60 Minutes**

          Certified Professional instructors

          Age/Skill Level Specific Training

          REAL ICE Goalie Training Facility

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