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1 - 1 Sessions

45 minute 1 on 1 training at the Goalcrease Rink in Edina.  Book online or call 952-942-7001
About 1 - 1 Sessions

Since 2002, Goalcrease has specialized in 1-on-1 training. 

We built a rink specifically with 1-on-1 sessions in mind.  Our instructors spend 15-30 hours every week running these sessions. Located in Edina, MN,  theGoalcrease Training  Center offers an unbeatable training environment with unrivaled coaching.


Not only is 1-on-1 training ideal for skill development, but also for the positive motivation and psychological instruction that every goalie  needs (and often doesn't get in their team practice settings). With 45 minutes of intense personal instruction, goalies will end up being smarter, stronger, more skilled, and most importantly, more confident in themselves.


Goalcrease trainers are hand-selected based on their personal character, their own training experiences with Robb Stauber, and their ability to teach and foster a learning environment. Our trainers are empathetic because they are, or have been, successful playing the goalie position. 

Goalcrease 1-on-1 training is perfect for any age, skill level, budget, or schedule. No other program can offer as much training flexibility. 

Cancellation Policy
  • All sessions are on real ice at  Goalcrease facility

  • Sessions do not expire

  • 45 minutes of detailed instruction

  • Flexible online scheduling, up to 20 lessons available per day

1-on-1 Sessions and Skill Clinics:  24 hours or more in advance, sessions may be cancelled/rescheduled at no charge.  To reschedule a session within a 24 window or to make up a missed session, a reinstatement fee of 50% will be assessed.  There are no refunds for any cancellations.  Sessions do not expire.

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