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Sell Used Gear

Make Big Savings on the Rebound!
CCM Extreme Eflex 3, Eflex III, Goalie, Goalie Pad, Goalie Save, Goalcrease
About Selling Used Gear

You can sell your quality used gear with us on consignment only. Just bring your gear to our location during business hours. It's a quick process.

Set a price. Our staff can help if you like

Choose from consignment option A or B.

     Option A gets you 60% of sale price for store credit

     Option B gets you 40% in the form of a check. 


 Each option is only  paid out after the sale of your product

This haven for goalie gear savings is a truly unique opportunity to get a great deal on goalie gear. With the same great service and expertise (and the chance to try pads on real ice) that you'd expect from Goalcrease, now you can find hidden gems and great bargains in used gear without the risk of getting the wrong size.

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