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About Us

In 1993, Robb Stauber began running goalie camps. By harnessing Robb's unbridled passion for goalie training, the camps became the Stauber/Ostby Goalie Academy and the Midwest’s premier training resource for goalies. Serving as both bedrock and springboard, the Stauber/Ostby Goalie Academy has transmuted into Goalcrease Inc.


Our staff is instructed not to teach styles but rather help goalies build a game that is truly their own. We will allow goalies to unleash their most powerful gift, their mind. We encourage goalies to use that gift when building their game, thus giving them their best chance to achieve their dreams.

When guiding goalies in building their unique game, our coaches expect a learning curve with many challenges. These challenges are necessary for personal growth; they are a means to a productive end. Without challenges, goalies will never know their full potential. Our coaches allow all goalies the opportunity for personal growth. They will not suppress their creativity.

Becoming unique isn’t easy and there are no shortcuts. First and foremost, goalies must not lock into a method of stopping the puck, but rather focus on developing the fundamental skills and when it’s best to use them. Focusing on skills versus methods will teach the goalie that hockey is a game of adapting and adjusting to all situations. When a goalie develops this mindset they won’t be predetermined on how to stop the puck, but simply determined to stop the puck.

We understand that no two goalies are alike. We have replaced the word “style” with words such as “Dynamic, Creative and Unique”. These words and others like it are often used by our coaches. This ensures that all goalies instructed by our staff will have the opportunity to own their game. It’s our belief that when an individual owns anything they have more responsibility and ultimately more fun.

Goalcrease aims to provide guidance, equipment, and training to any goalie, whatever their ability or commitment level may be.  Our philosophies and methods encourage creativity, adaptability, and the character growth that results from an attitude of servant leadership.

Goalcrease At A Glance

Goalcrease exists to help goalies with all of their needs.

  • Goalie Training for all levels of hockey

  • Our own real ice rink 70' x 35'

  • Year Round Training

  • In-season and off-season clinics

  • Goalie equipment for sale from top brands

  • Professional goalie equipment fitting by experts

  • Used goalie equipment, consignment sales

  • Video analysis 

  • Youth Hockey Assocation consulting

  • Convenient location in the Twin Cities, MN

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