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Frequently Asked Questions

CCM Goalie Equipmnt, Goalcrease, Warrior hockey stick, Eflex 3

Do you have real ice?
Yes. Our ice is 40’x 75’ in Edina (3 stations). Synthetic ice is not sufficient for goalie training. Goalies need to train on real ice. Goalie specific movements can not be perfected on plastic ice.

How often should I train?

This can vary greatly depending on many factors such as schedule, budget, location, etc. Goalcrease provides an opportunity to space out your training and continue to improve throughout the year. Some goalies train as much as 3 times a week, while most students train once a week, still others just twice a month. Training should be spaced out throughout the off-season and the winter, not just crammed in right before tryouts.

Who is my instructor? Will I always work with the same instructor?
Goalcrease has several certified instructors and you will have a chance to work with at least a few different ones. All of our coaches teach the same skills and concepts so there is no confusion for the student; moreover each instructor’s unique personality and teaching style adds an element of freshness and excitement to each training session. Each goalie’s progress is carefully charted in their file to ensure progressive teaching, development, and a customized program for each student’s particular needs.

What are the benefits of training?
The benefits of training with the Goalcrease are plentiful. You will see improvements in your skills such as movement, save execution, positioning, puckhandling, and reflexes. More importantly, goalies who train with an open mind inevitably improve their concentration, confidence, and generally enjoy the game more than ever before.

Do you offer any overnight camps?

We have trained several traveling students from places like Las Vegas, New York, Florida, Alaska, and Europe. Currently, we do not provide housing for any of our programs, but hotels are available at special rates for our students and their families upon request. In addition, we have a local condo that is available for rental. Please call Goalcrease for pricing and availability.

What other programs do you offer?

Goalcrease believes in developing the complete goaltender. In addition to our on-ice training, we offer Sports Vision Training and a number of goalie specific off-ice training programs. To find out more about all of these programs, please visit our "Training" page.

Do you work with youth hockey associations?
Goalcrease has many existing relationships with associations all over the country. We work with associations on creating a goalie training program that meets their needs and budget. Associations are able to purchase training packages at Goalcrease for a reduced rate. In addition to our training, associations may also qualify for discounts on equipment purchases. Our store manager will work directly with your equipment coordinator in order to pick out the best equipment for your goalies.

What style do we teach?
Stauber’s Goalcrease does not teach “styles”, we teach skills and concepts. Any athlete’s individual style should evolve as a result of their own unique talents, along with their experience and experimentations. Coaches who claim to teach a “butterfly style”, “stand up style”, or something funny like “pro-fly hybrid style” are putting limitations on their student’s creativity. At Goalcrease, we encourage our students to be creative, dynamic, and to try new things.

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