Jeff Hall

High School:

      Edina High School from 1995-1998.

      Played 2 years of JV and 2 years of Varsity for Edina HS.

      His team won the 1997 State Championship (1-0 over Duluth East).

      During the 1998 Section Finals Jeff's team won a 6 overtime game, still the longest

      section final in history.

      Once held a streak of 11 shutout overtime periods through most of 2 seasons.

      Held a 12-1 record in one goal games for his high school career.

Goalcrease History:

      Jeff began coaching at the Stauber/Ostby Goalie camps in 1998.

      Began working full time for the Goalcrease when it opened in 2002.

      In 2005 he became the Goalcrease Coaching Director.

      Jeff's duties include curriculum development for all Goalcrease training programs,

      overseeing all Goalcrease instructors, and training new coaches.

      Has overseen the training of many high caliber goalies including a handful of NHL draft picks.