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1-on-1 Lessons

The Best Way to Train

• All sessions are on real ice at the state-of-the-art Goalcrease facility.
• Sessions do not expire
• 45 minutes per session.
• Flexible online scheduling, up to 20 lessons available per day
. Progress file kept on each goalie by instructors


Stauber's Goalcrease Training Centers are without equal. Located in Edina, MN, Goalcrease Training Centers are the world's first and only goalie-specific teaching environment dedicated to 1-on-1 instruction. The training center features real ice which provides the proper feel needed for fundamental skill development.

Goalies and certified trainers work 1-on-1, for 45 minutes of intense personal training. Every fifth session will utilize video analysis to deepen students’ understanding of the position. Workouts are customized for each student’s unique needs. Instructors utilize a “core set of drills” which are universally important for each goalie, rather than a set curriculum. This ensures proper development of fundamentals, while encouraging a unique personal training experience for each individual athlete. An in-depth personal file charts each goalie’s workout progressions and their trainers' critiques, which are sent via email.  Goalies can print and keep these to review their progress and to share with their team coaches.

Goalcrease trainers are hand-selected based on their personal character, their own training experiences with Robb Stauber, and their ability to teach and foster a learning environment. Our trainers are empathetic because they are, or have been, successful playing the goalie position. Trainers are painstakingly certified by Robb Stauber so that teaching and coaching is consistent among all trainers.
By offering this unique service, we believe our ability to improve a goalie's skills and self-confidence is unparalleled. Goalies who train in this environment find themselves learning more, working harder, and having more fun than ever before.

Goalcrease One-on-One training is perfect for any age, skill level, budget, or schedule. No other program can offer as much training flexibility. From a 9 year-old beginner from St. Paul, to a 1st round draft pick from Finland, goalies of all backgrounds have discovered the benefits of private training at Stauber’s Goalcrease.
Because it’s always a good time to improve, Stauber's Goalcrease Training Center is open year-round.

Professional Goalie Training

Package Price
3:1 Open Clinics-Goalcrease Edina $58 each
2:1 Sessions-LumberYard Stillwater $80 each
1:1 Thirty (30) Pack $105 each
1:1 Twenty (20) Pack $110 each
1:1 Fifteen (15) Pack $115 each
1:1 Ten (10) Pack $120 each
1:1 Five (5) Pack $125 each
1:1 Three (3) Pack $130 each
1:1 Single Session $140