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Goalie Stick Sizing Chart

How To Fit a Goalie Stick

Your goal stick's main job is to block the five hole while IN A BUTTERFLY position. Make sure your stick is short enough to accommodate this. Most goalies make the mistake of sizing their stick by going to a store and holding it in their standing stance only. This often leads to choosing a stick that is too tall.

Goalie Stick Sizing Chart

Paddle Height Goalie's Height*
18" CCM 3'8" and under
21" CCM 3'6" - 4'5"
23" CCM 4'4" - 5'3"
24" CCM 5" - 5'8"
25" CCM 5'7" - 6'3"
26" CCM 5'11" and Up
27" CCM 6'2" and Up

Too Small is Better than Too Tall

John McLean stands 6'9" and recently switched from a 28" to 26". Among other things, this helps him close the hole under his right arm. This picture shows that hole with his old stick.

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