Please contact Owen Zeumer for pricing of all skates.

CCM Tacks Pro Sr.

CCM 4092 Tacks: Jr.

CCM Ribcor 44k Sr

CCM Ribcor 40k Jr

We have a great selection of USED skates!!  Please call or email for sizes and stock.

Vaughn GX2 - 8 & 9.5: ON SALE!!

Owen Zeumer

Phone: 952-942-7001

CCM 6092 Tacks: Sr. & Jr.

CCM Ribcor 50k Sr

CCM Ribcor 44k Jr

Bauer 1S Sr, S190 Sr & S170 Jr.

Bauer Reactor 9000 Sr. - 11 EE: ON SALE!

*Some items listed may have sold out.