Please contact Owen Zeumer at the Equipment Center for pricing, specs. and questions on all pads.  ‚Äč

Owen Zeumer

Phone: 952-942-7001

CCM Eflex 3 Pro Custom: 36+1.5 Have matching blocker

CCM Eflex 3 Price Limited Edition: 34+1 - Carey Price Specs!

CCM Eflex 3 Pro Custom: 35+2 Have matching gloves!

CCM Premier Pro Custom: 34+2

CCM Eflex Pro Custom: 32+2 Sr. Have Matching Gloves!!

Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro Carbon: 33+2 Have Matching Gloves!

Bauer Supreme 1S OD1N: M (34+1) - ON SALE!

CCM E3.9 Int: 30+1 - Royal

CCM Eflex II Int. Pro Custom: 30+1 - 25% OFF!

Vaughn V7 XF Int: 30+2

CCM E3.5 Jr: 26+1

CCM Premier R1.5 Jr: 24+1

CCM Y-flex Youth: 22 & 24

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*Some items listed may have sold.

CCM Eflex 3 Pro: Stock Sizes Available

CCM Premier Pro: 35+2 & 34+2 and R1.9 Sr. - White/Stock Sizes Available

CCM Eflex 3 Pro Custom: 34+2 - Have Matching Gloves!

CCM Premier Pro Custom: 33+2 - Have Matching Gloves!

CCM Extreme Flex II Pro Custom: 34+1 - 25% OFF!

Vaughn Ventus LT98 Pro: 34+2 - ON CLEARANCE!! Call for LOW Price!

CCM E3.9 Int: Stock Sizes Available

CCM Premier R1.9 Int: 32+1

CCM E3.5 Jr: Stock Sizes Available

Vaughn V7 XR Jr: 26+2

Bauer Prodigy Youth: 24