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Goalie Stick Sizing Chart

How To Fit a Goalie Stick

Your goal stick's main job is to block the five hole while IN A BUTTERFLY position. Make sure your stick is short enough to accommodate this. Most goalies make the mistake of sizing their stick by going to a store and holding it in their standing stance only. This often leads to choosing a stick that is too tall.

Goalie Stick Sizing Chart

Paddle Height Goalie's Height*
18" CCM 3'8" and under
21" CCM 3'6" - 4'5"
23" CCM 4'4" - 5'3"
24" CCM 5" - 5'8"
25" CCM 5'7" - 6'3"
26" CCM 5'11" and Up
27" CCM 6'2" and Up

Too Small is Better than Too Tall

John McLean stands 6'9" and recently switched from a 28" to 26". Among other things, this helps him close the hole under his right arm. This picture shows that hole with his old stick.

Call Goalcrease at 952-942-7001 to order from our huge selection of custom and stock stick patterns.

Goalcrease at a Glance

Goalcrease exists to help goalies with all of their needs.

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  • Inspiring goalies to be strong in their mental game so they are always growing in attitude and in character.  We infuse fundamental psychology and life lessons into all of our student interactions.